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The idea :

The current global escalation of events has affirmed the importance of outstanding healthcare standards and provisions and the development of a system ready to deal with new diseases, outbreaks, and pandemics. Safeguarding human life from such dangers and threats is also a pinnacle goal of all religions, human rights conventions, and international law. This is a cornerstone for the growth of the nation’s economy which leads to prosperity and civilization. An effective response to health challenges that we face in our world makes it pertinent to pay exceptional attention to building the capabilities across various channels within a comprehensive concept of a well-developed health system that will not only fulfill the needs of today but also the future.

Establishment and Introduction :

Hayat Fund project is one of the Insan ve Irade Vakfi – Human and Will Endowment projects, which is an independent Turkish endowment institute. It was registered in Istanbul in 2015. The Foundation aims to build people, increase their efficiency at work, and develop their capabilities. This will allow every man and woman who have the desire to participate and benefit from our project to do so. Our project is a grant and a gift to humanity.

The Hayat Fund project will be managed in partnership with a group of health professionals under the auspices of the Palestinian Doctors Association in Europe (PalMed). A quarter of the proceeds of the endowment project will be directed to sustainable development projects which will serve patients, injured people, as well as those with chronic and critical diseases. It will also save the lives of children, the elderly, and the vulnerable section of society.

Donation information :

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Al Rayan Bank, Islamic Bank of Britain
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