Our Objective

We seek to achieve the following goals :

To introduce Palmed to all the Palestinian medical professionals in Europe.

To provide a framework for our members to share their knowledge and expertise, and to improve the health care for the Palestinian People.

To document and preserve the achievements of Palestinian health professionals; past and present.

To establish connections between hospitals and universities in Europe and Palestinian health establishments to improve the delivery of health services.

To encourage PalMed members to volunteer at the Palestinian Health establishments.

To maintain a close relationship with health establishments in Palestine to address their needs and help their service provision.

To liaise with governmental and non-governmental organisations and charities working in the field of health to provide the best plans suitable to help the people on the ground.

To represent the Palestinian doctors at the international and regional levels.

To help our members in the field of professional training and provide advice and counsel regarding working conditions and opportunities in the UK and elsewhere.

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