Dr. Riyad Masharqa. Chair of the Palestinian Doctors’ Association in Europe. Says:

“I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to you all from Palmed Europe;
You may be an existing member, or you may be looking at joining us, or to become an honorary member.
Whatever your circumstances., being a member of Palmed Europe means you are an integral part of a verry special organisation.”

Benefits of membership :
Your membership will provide with several benefits; professionally and socially but means much more to the Palestinian People.
(An example of your potential professional benefits will be given in the next section.)

Membership Categories and subscriptions :

A. Full membership: with the right to be nominated and elected to the
management committee. This membership entails the payment of an annual

B. Associate membership: No subscription is required, the member can attend
the general meetings and conferences, without the right to be nominated or
elected to the management committee.

C. Honorary membership: This is granted by the trustees for individuals or
organisations in recognition of special contributions in the field of health to the
Palestinian people, Honorary members do not have to meet any of the usual
membership criteria; they are welcome to attend our general meetings and
conferences without taking part in the nominations or elections and are
exempt from any fees.

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