A new convoy arrived to Gaza for the Kidney transplant project


A new convoy arrived to Gaza for the Kidney transplant project

Arrived in the Gaza Strip on the 19th of Dec 2014, Dr. Abdel Qader Hammad consultant surgeon kidney transplant and head of the kidney transplant services at the Royal Liverpool Hospital

and member PalMed-UK. the visit is to complete the sixth phase of the transfer of kidney transplantation techniques into the Gaza Strip. the visit will also see the kidney transplant procedure completed for three of the Gaza desperate and needy patients. the visit programme also include training staff and facilitating logistics.

PalMed thanks Ministry of Health for their effort in facilitating the visit. the visit was arranged through the World Health Organisation (WHO) for approving the crossing of the delegation through the Erez Crossing. the programme has gone a long way and continues to make progress dispite the difficulties facing the strip with the repeated attacks, the siege and the lack of access to essential services, resources, technologies and materials.

PalMed remains grateful to all those who support us with their time, expertise and money. It should be noted that PalMed continues the search for sponsors to adopt this vital project, which alleviates the effects of the ongoing blockade of the Gaza Strip and threatens the lives of patients .

The project is one of the activities adopted by PalMed and aims to build an independent kidney transplant service in the strip.

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