With Gaza Strip under siege and bombardment as a result of a war waged against it by the Israli army,

hospitals and health services are suffering from an acute shortage of medicines, staff and equipment whichare required to meet the needs of the growing numbers of sick and wounded innocent civilians, including women, children and the elderly. The latest victims were two disabled children after a vicious Israeli strike on a disabled caring centre.

Dr Abu Nada, from the PalMed office in Gaza, confirmed the situation to be catastrophic, with the health system struggling to cope with the critical flow of casualties, while supplies of medicines, equipment and energy are at a disastrous low.

In response to this humanitarian and health crisis, PalMed Europe will dispatch a medical convoy to the Gaza Strip this weekend, including specialists in surgery and anaesthesia.  The team will leave Europe aiming to enter Gaza through the Rafah Crossing, in anticipation of the Egyptian authorities allowing entry of medicines and emergency medical assistance, as well as exit of the wounded.

The convoy is to be followed by several others in the coming weeks to further help the relief efforts in Gaza.

PalMed has issued an urgent call for its members to help with the campaign, either by volunteering to visit the Strip, or by helping their national team’s campaigns.  Fund raising is also under way to help cover the cost of aid.  Our convoys on the ground in Gaza will keep our concerned members updated with the situation there and will advise on the needs and developments.

We continue to raise public and professional awareness and develop ways to address the emergent needs, whilst calling upon governments and international organisations to respond urgently to the desperate health and humanitarian situation in Gaza.


Together we heal wounds.


PalMed Europe brings together Palestinian health professionals working in Europe, to support the health needs of the Palestinian people in Gaza, the West Bank, and refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.

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