PalMed-France organises a ceremony for the urinary tract surgery team following success


PalMed-France organises a ceremony for the urinary tract surgery team following success

Amidst the cold French Alps a warm atmosphere surrounded the ceremony that took place between the PalMed-France delegation consisting of Dr. Mohammed Al-Salem (PalMed EU chair), Dr Amani Abu-Qasem (treasurer), Dr. Jasem Syam (head of media department-France) and Dr. Sara Abu-Qasem (member) with different Arab and Palestinian doctors and medical staff in France who attended to discover more about the Forum’s activities. 

Saturday, 18 June 2011 00:00

The ceremony was opened with a speech by Dr. Saleh Amr; head of the Palestinian community in Grenoble and the organiser of the event who greeted and welcomed the audience and PalMed-France. This was followed by a speech by Dr. Mohammed Al-Salem chair of Palmed EU who also welcomed the 150 attendees and also introduced the Forum, its accomplishments and its objectives.

A selection of Middle Eastern dishes and desserts were served for dinner which was followed by a presentation by Dr. Rauf and Dr Hervey of the medical missions made in Bethlehem and Jenin. They presented photos of some of the surgeries they had performed there and explained the medical difficulties Palestinians suffer from. They also showed some of the sites they visited in Jenin.

Dr. Hervey then emphasised the importance of such projects and the impact they have on Palestinian people. At the end of his speech, Dr Al-Salem thanked the delegation for their efforts and presented them with some Palestinian token gifts. The ceremony continued till after midnight where the audience chanted Palestinian songs and danced the traditional dabkeh dance.

At the end of the ceremony Dr. Al-Salem thanked all those who attended from the Syrian, Lebanese, Algerian and Moroccan communities and also thanked, Mr. Abu Nael and Dr. Suliaman Al-Dahshan, Dr. Anas Alouairy and finally Dr. Haidar and Dr. Nabil Abushammaleh who both came from Lebanon and Gaza respectively.

The cold weather was again outdone by the warm atmosphere that surrounded a delicious Eastern breakfast which D. Al-Salem invited his Syrian colleague to in his restraint in Grenoble.

PalMed EU delegation completes operations successfully in Gaza hospitals


A delegation of PalMed EU doctors volunteered in a number of hospitals during their visit to Gaza. The delegation consisted of Dr. Osama Shameyye (PalMed-Germany) a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology with extensive experience in laparoscopic surgery and the treatment of women’s involuntarily urination. He performed the first laparoscopic hysterectomy there in addition to a number of other unique operations. For two weeks, he also participated in training a number of colleagues in several hospitals there.

Dr. Osama gave a lecture on the treatment of involuntary urination and helped out in a number of surgeries. His performance was admired by his colleagues especially heads of the women and childbirth departments in Al-Shifaa’ hospital who asked him to visit again in order to expand his training sessions. He was also mentioned in local newspapers and media.

Dr. Sayyed Altaramsi (member of the executive board at PalMed-Germany), specialist in family medicine and alternate medicine set up a free clinic at his house which was met with popularity especially in Al-Shate’ camp.

Dr. Munib Deeb (head of PalMed-Germany) visited several surgical departments in Al-Shifaa’ hospital. He also met with the head of the PalMed office in Gaza: Dr. Mohammed Abu Nada and the medical director of Al-Shifaa’ hospital Dr. Naser Al-tatar. In the meeting they discussed means of future cooperation between them in order to develop the departments and staff. Dr. Mohammed Al-Ran (a consultant in general surgery) joined them and they discussed the role of PalMed EU in current projects such as the anus and rectum surgical department which PalMed EU is currently developing.

In a daily meeting and in front of a crowd of surgeons, Dr. Sobhi Skeik warmly welcomed PalMed’s team and praised its efforts during and following the war on Gaza. He also highlighted the role of European doctors in developing the medical situation in Palestine.

The delegation visited the external anus and rectum surgery recently constructed and surgical equipment was delivered on the expense of everyone.

Dr. Munir, performed the first laparoscopic tumour removal in Al-Shifaa’ hospital which was completed successfully despite the severe lack of equipment.

PalMed EU would like to thank these unique doctors for their special performances n serving their people who are in desperate need of their medical expertise.

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