PalMed France holds open day in small village in Palestine


PalMed France holds open day in small village in Palestine

Aseera Al-Qableyye is a Palestinian village in southern Nablus in the west bank. Its population is estimated at 3000 people and is 600 meters above sea level. It has an agricultural society and enjoys beautiful weather.

PalMed-France representative Dr. Hamza Thawabi (specialist in cardiology and vascular associates), Dr. Imad khazne (specialist in internal medicine and diabetes at Thabet-Thabet hospital in Tulkarm) and Dr. Mohammed Saleh held an open day in Aseera Al-Qableyye offering free medical services. Free external clinics were set up in the village council.

The open day focused on the following objectives:

  • Checking blood pressure and raising awareness about this issue.
  • Checking blood sugar levels and raising awareness about this issue.
  • Raising awareness about the dangers of smoking.

The delegate had a thorough idea regarding the general health in the village and was impressed with the results. However they were surprised by the levels of obesity in the village which are up to 70%.

At the end of the open day, the mayor, members of the village council and the citizens of the village thanked the participants and asked the delegate to pass on their appreciation to the members of PalMed EU and to Palestinians in Europe. The delegate emphasized the importance of organising further similar events in different villages in the future.

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