PalMed-France welcomes Palestinian children to France

05/12/2011 0

PalMed-France welcomes Palestinian children to France

PalMed –France, in an initiative with French organisations and the Belgian council invited a group of Palestinian children from Hebron and Nablus to spend the weekend in several European cities. The aim of the visit was to reduce the psychological pressure are under and the psychological problems they suffer from as a result of the occupation, 

the lack of services and the harsh circumstances they live in. Amongst the children was Amir; the youngest Palestinian prisoner who was detained at 8 years old while Yazan, who was also amongst the children went through the horrors of witnessing the assassination of his parents and siblings during an invasion on Nablus.

The group which consisted of 12 boys and girls aged 12 to 14 visited Marseille, Lille, Paris, Calais and finally Brussels where the group was officially greeted in the city’s council. The deputy mayor of the town thanked PalMed’s efforts aimed at reducing the suffering of Palestinian children and promised to continue working with them to serve them. The visit ended on the 10th and the children went home with presents to their peers in Nablus and Hebron after spending ten days in the hospitality of the PalMed. Their parents thanked the Forum and showed their appreciation towards its efforts even when they were busy with welcoming their children back. 

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