PalMed Germany at a turning point in its sixth annual conference


PalMed Germany at a turning point in its sixth annual conference

Hamburg witnessed the 6th conference between the 22nd and the 25th of June in the presence of more than 100 participants from the Palestinian healthcare professionals and supporters of the Palestinian cause from Germany healthcare professionals.

The professional theme of the conference was on vascular surgery and interventional radiology. The meeting discussed the current status of these surgeries in Palestine and the most recent updates in this field in the world.

Dr Muneer Deeb welcomed the participants and paid attributes to Hamburg’s reputation of leading on hospitality and openness to the world. He updated the attendees on acquiring the EU recognition of PalMed Europe to be able to advance healthcare facilities for Palestinians in Palestine and wherever they exist. Dr Deeb also updated participants on the progress of main PalMed projects in Palestine including the German project on vascular surgeries and interventional radiology, the British project on kidney transplant, the French project on urological surgeries and the Italian project on orthopaedic surgery.

The conference also welcomed Dr Musa Abu Daggah, Chairman of the Association of Quality Assurance in the Ministry of Higher Education in Palestine. Abu Daggah reiterated the ministry’s aspirations towards establishing a Palestinian-European University of Technology building on the successes and links between Palestine and Europe.

The conference then included scientific lectures and workshops from consultants in the fields. Dr Hans Schindler presented his experience in conducting cardiovascular surgeries. Dr Schindler visited Gaza twice and reported on the difficulties and challenges faced by his Palestinian colleagues when trying to save lives under siege and occupations. Dr Nael Abu Saleem reported on his experience of operating on vascular stents in Gaza. The conference also included many sessions on professional issues including Islamic medical ethics and current humanitarian crisis in Syria.

 At the end of the conference the General Meeting was held where the previous Administrative Board submitted their resignation and a new Board was elected. The new Board consisted of Dr. Ashraf Dada, Dr. Khalil Halabe, Dr. Ghada Abu Easha, Dr. Azzam Athamne, Dr. Mustafa El-Khatib, Dr. Mohammad Banat und Dr. Majdi Natour.

The conference included paying tributes to those of Palestinian origin who acquired new degrees or specialisation in the medical field in Germany.

The conference didn’t miss out on presentation of cultural, social and art sessions from Palestinian Folk in addition to some tourist visits to some of Hamburg attractions.

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