PalMed’s urology team returns to France after success


PalMed’s urology team returns to France after success

Following months of preparations, PalMed-France in cooperation with the French embassy in Jerusalem sent a medical team specialized in Urology consisting of Dr. Rau’f Al-Salty (urologist) and Dr. Hervey Aplaz (anaesthetist) and nurses Monique Jerand and Josette Du’gand.

During the visit which lasted from 27/5 till 5/6, the team performed several surgeries in the Dr. Khalil Sulieman Hospital in Jenin and the Bethlahem Arab Society for Rehabilitation.

The team also delivered some urgently needed medical supplies and equipment. Dr. Kamel Asrheed (Director of the Dr. Khalil Sulieman Hospital) expressed his gratitude to the team and sent a letter of thanks to PalMed EU. Both parties are looking forward to creating further opportunities allowing them to cooperate in serving Palestinian patients.

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