Choosing a medical career in the UK, what do you need to know ?



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PalMed UK conduct a webinar about training for a medical career in the UK.

18th December 2023.


Choosing a medical career in the UK, what do you need to know?

The webinar was for the benefit of overseas doctors (particularly from Palestine) who would like to pursue their ambition of getting further training in the UK; and also for the benefit of their people, who suffer the double whammy of occupation and severely limited opportunities.

The webinar was led by Dr. Husam Adwan, post-fellowship upper gastrointestinal surgeon in Truro

Dr. Ahmad Al-Shsnti

Dr. Saleh Romman

Dr. Kate Mallelu


All of them were at various stages in training and specialisation, making them best placed to give the latest information about applying for work and training in the UK.

There was a very valuable contribution from Professor Mahmoud Lubani from the University of Hull, a Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, (who is also the President of PalMed Academy).



Professor Lubani highlighted the pathways available for work in Britain in various specialties.

The emphasis of the webinar was on giving practical help to those wishing to further their career, while indicating the priority of utilizing all the expertise gained towards providing better health for the people who need it most, including Palestine.









The webinar was concluded with a question and answer session; when Dr. Adwan and Professor Lubani answered the queries sent to them during the meeting.

The webinar was recorded for the benefit of those who could not follow it live, and can be watched on PalMed UK Facebook page

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