Prisoners’ Lives are in Danger! How Long will the Silence Persist?!


Press Release


More Palestinians lose their lives every day as a result of the continuing Israeli occupation of their land, however, one of the victims today died in a particularly despicable circumstance.

Nasser Abu Humeid was suffering from cancer but was denied essential care and treatment because he was a prisoner in Israeli jails.

International law makes the occupiers responsible for the wellbeing of the occupied population, something which is neglected totally by the Israeli occupation, whose policies make life intolerable for the Palestinian people.

There are over five thousand Palestinians in Israeli prisons, many without trial, and they include women in children.

Over 600 Palestinian prisoners have long-term and serious conditions, including 24 patients with cancer; the medical care offered to these prisoners is totally inadequate, most of them suffer terribly from neglect, lack of treatment, and ultimately death.

PalMed UK joins international organizations in demanding that Palestinian prisoners are offered adequate and humane treatment.

To suffer the harsh conditions of a very long occupation is bad enough, to die because of malicious medical neglect is totally reprehensible. As medical professionals, we feel it is our duty to highlight the suffering of the Palestinian prisoners, and to demand that they are given proper and humanitarian care in accordance with international laws and conversations.

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