Expansion Project of the Emergency and Ambulance Department at Kuwait Specialized Hospital


Expansion Project of the Emergency and Ambulance Department at Kuwait Specialized Hospital

Gaza Strip – Rafah


Health Situation in Project Area:

Since the onset of the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip 100 days ago, the Zionist enemy has pursued a policy of forced displacement of the population towards the southern provinces of the Gaza Strip through various means, including the elimination of health facilities in the northern Gaza Strip and the direct targeting of hospitals and health centres. With the commencement of the attack on Khan Yunis and Central governorates in the south of the Strip over a month ago, most residents of the two governorates, as well as those displaced from Gaza and the north, have been forcefully displaced towards Rafah governorate. It has now become the largest population centre in the Gaza Strip due to its significant influx of displaced individuals. Statistics indicate that its population has reached approximately 1.3 million people, nearly four times its normal population. Consequently, the health situation in the governorate has become disastrous and complex, given the lack of human, medical, and logistical resources.
The Kuwaiti Specialised Hospital is deemed the most significant charitable hospital that provides healthcare services to citizens, alongside the only government hospital in Rafah governorate, due to the significant increase in the number of martyrs and casualties. Thus, there is an urgent need to increase the Hospital’s capacity to cope with the crisis resulting from the ongoing aggression as well as due to the congregation of most of the Strip’s citizens within its walls. Therefore, the proposal is to establish a field hospital attached to the Kuwaiti hospital to alleviate the immense pressure on its various departments.


  1. Contribute towards providing medical services to the residents of Rafah governorate and those displaced to the area at the appropriate time and location.
  2. Contribute towards addressing the significant pressure resulting from the increasing number of cases daily received by the hospital.
  3. Contribute towards expanding the capacity of hospital departments experiencing high volume of cases.
  4. Provide new equipped spaces to receive and handle medical cases using appropriate medical methods.

Project Justifications:

  1. The urgent and significant increase in the population of Rafah governorate due to waves of forced displacement of residents.
  2. The substantial increase in the number of cases received by the Hospital every day.
  3. The urgent need to operate at maximum capacity around the clock, requiring the provision of new spaces equipped with all necessary resources, in addition to the existing spaces.

Project Components:

Medical tents (3), each tent accommodating (12) beds.

Project Outputs:

  1. A field hospital attached to the Kuwaiti Specialised Hospital with a total area of approximately 180 square meters.
  2. Increasing the Hospital’s bed capacity by (36) additional beds (3 tents * 12 beds per tent).

Positive Impact of the Project:

  1. Enhancement of public health among citizens and displaced individuals.
  2. Reduction of the spread of diseases and epidemics, especially given the severe congestion and crowding of citizens in the Rafah governorate.
  3. Preserving the dignity of citizens by receiving them in places suitable for providing various medical services.


Video for the Project after completion:



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