🎉 PalMed Academy Launches the GEM Scheme to Support Medical Students in Gaza! 🎉


1st June 2024

Over 2,500 medical students in Gaza have had their education abruptly interrupted due to the current Israeli incursion.

PalMed Europe and PalMed Academy have launched the GEM (Gaza Educates Medics) Scheme to support these medical students. 🎉 The scheme was launched by Professor Mahmoud Lubani, Chair of PalMed Academy, along with the two deans of the medical colleges in Gaza: Professor  Dr. Mohammed Zogbur from Al-Azhar University and Professor Anwar Shaik Khalil from The Islamic University.

Other distinguished speakers at the launch included Dr. Riyad Masharqa, Chair of PalMed Europe, Dr. Lubna Saghir, Consultant in Family Medicine, and Mr Moutie Abraham from Greater Translogic Advisory company in South Africa, who led the efforts to provide the GEM platform.

The GEM platform was simultaneously launched to allow students and tutors to access the platform and resume their studies.

So far, over 1,900 medical students have registered to join the scheme, with over 180 tutors.

Since the estimated monthly cost of the project is about 300,000 USD, multiple organizations, charities, and companies have joined PalMed Academy to support this project.

For more information about joining the scheme, please visit: PalMed Academy
For donations, please visit: Donate Now

You can watch the launch

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