PalMed- Italy on its third annual meeting


PalMed- Italy on its third annual meeting

The meeting took place in June of this year in the town of brescia in lombardia in the north of Italy. Doctors from all over Italy participated in the meeting that was also attended by PalMed Europe Chairman, Dr Mohammed Salim.

The meeting updated attendees on the latest news from Italy and Europe, including the acquisition of the EU recognition of PalMed as a professional not-for-profit charity with it’s headquarter located in Brussels.

The meeting was a great opportunity for members to network and exchange ideas of supporting the Palestinian cause.

The meeting was concluded with the resignation of the previous Administrative Board and the election of a new Board consisting of: Dr Ra’ed Majdalawy as Chairman, Dr Imad Joulany as Vice Chairman, Ashraf Sheikh Kasem as Secretary, Dr Aysam Meshney as Treasurer, Dr Ameen Titi responsible for Aid and emergency Committee, Dr Deeb Buhaisy for internal affairs and Dr Basem Abdulhadi for Media affairs.

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