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Press Release

We received with great sorrow the tragic news of the loss of twenty-three innocent lives from one family in Gaza.
A terrible fire raged last night after the fuel store the family ignited accidentally. The family needed to keep the fuel for heating and also to supply their essential power generator.

The people of Gaza have to survive on severely reduced and erratic power supply, due to the callous siege imposed by the Israeli occupation authorities, which is now in its sixteenth year, and have already claimed countless innocent lives through lack of medical care and crumbling infrastructure and public facilities.

As more innocent lives are lost daily, we have to join all humanitarian agencies in calling for the siege on Gaza to be lifted immediately.

We share the sadness of those who believed and pray that the suffering of the people of Gaza and Palestine is alleviated soon.

After all, they deserve to live in peace in their own land, like all other people in the world.

PalMed Europe
18 November 2022

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