02/05/2024 Press Release

Administrator for PalMed Academy and Gaza Educate Medics Scheme.

The Position

This role involves the following:
1. To perform the function of Administrator for both PalMed Academy and Gaza Educate Medics (GEM Scheme) and maintain the website for PalMed Academy
2. Communicate with Faculty and students on the GEM Scheme.
3. Coordinate and assist in organising courses and webinars run by the Academy and GEM
4. Arrange meetings of the Academy Executive Committee and GEM committees
5. A job specification for an administrative role outlines the qualifications, skills, and attributes required for the position.
Person Specification:
1. Educational Background: minimum educational requirement is high school diploma or equivalent.
2. Experience: Previous experience in administrative roles, if any will be an advantage.
3. Skills:
-Proficiency in office software such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) or Google Suite.
-Strong organizational and time management skills.
– Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
– Attention to detail and accuracy in completing tasks.
– Ability to multitask and prioritize workload effectively.
– Discretion and ability to handle confidential information with sensitivity.
– Customer service orientation and interpersonal skills for interacting with colleagues and clients.
4. Additional Requirements:
– Knowledge of basic accounting principles for tasks like invoicing and expense tracking.
– Ability to adapt to changing priorities and work well under pressure.
– Willingness to learn and take on new responsibilities as needed.
5. Personal Attributes:
• Professionalism and integrity in all interactions.
• Proactive and self-motivated approach to work.
• Team player with a collaborative attitude.
• Adaptability and flexibility in a dynamic work environment.
Salary: Remuneration between £20,000 to 25,000 per year depending on qualifications andexperience
Workplace: the successful candidate is expected to work from home and have access to internet and computer
Application: Expression of interest with a copy of CV to be sent to by the 10th of May 2024.


07/04/2024 Press Release

“PalMed Academy formally launches the GEM initiative in partnership with relevant entities in Palestine.”

Introducing the “GEM” initiative! This program is tailored to aid medical students in Gaza through Gaza Educate Medics, reflecting our dedication to fostering a constructive influence within the medical community.
PalMed academy  invite you to join us in spreading the word about this important initiative by liking, commenting, and sharing the project with your network.
Together, let’s shine a light on the invaluable work being done to support medical education in Gaza!

You can watch the first introductory session about the project, and read the project’s goals at the following link.

Please all our medical students in Gaza, register their data at the following link.

Together We Can


PalMed Academy Launches GEM Initiative to Rebuild Medical Education in Gaza

In a groundbreaking move to address the disruption caused by the destruction of health and educational institutions in Gaza, PalMed Academy, an affiliate of PalMed Europe, has officially launched the Gaza Educate Medics (GEM) initiative.
PalMed Academy, the Palestinian doctors association in Europe, has been at the forefront of efforts to resume the education of 2500 medical students in Gaza. The initiative was unveiled during a preliminary public meeting on March 9, 2024, attended by distinguished academics, consultants, and medical professionals.
Chaired by Professor Mahmoud Loubani, the meeting featured a presentation by Dr. Lubna Saghir, Consultant in family medicine, introducing the concept of GEM. The initiative aims to establish a virtual medical college, leveraging the expertise of volunteering academics and consultants worldwide to educate Gaza’s medical students. This approach allows students to follow their own syllabus and graduate from their respective colleges, preserving the institutions’ accreditation.
Dr. Riyad Masharqa, Consultant plastic surgeon and Chair of PalMed Europe, outlined the ambitious goals of PalMed and the Academy in supporting this crucial project. The operational structure of GEM, as explained by Professor Loubani, includes various committees to facilitate the implementation of the initiative. Attendees were invited to enroll in committees aligning with their expertise.

The second half of the meeting saw lively discussions and comments from professionals across America, Europe, Palestine, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey, and the UK. Participants from the International Conference for Rebuilding Health Care in Gaza, including Professor Omar Lattuf and Professor Ruba Ali Fahmi, expressed unanimous support for the GEM initiative.
Delegates from Gaza’s medical colleges, as well as representatives from Aberdeen in Scotland, London, and Ireland, were in attendance. The GEM initiative received enthusiastic approval from all delegates, with Professor Lattuf and Professor Ruba Ali pledging their full support.
Forms for registering in GEM committees have been distributed to interested parties, and a brief outline of the initiative’s structure, along with a registration form, is available for those looking to contribute. The PalMed Academy encourages interested individuals to join before the first follow-up meeting in six weeks.
Dr. Bashier Oudeh, Secretary of PalMed Academy, stated, “We are confident there will be a great number of eminent volunteers coming forward as we extend our invitation to colleagues all over the world.”

For more information, please contact PalMed Academy through email at



GEM meeting




March 5, 2024

Invited by the European Parliament, a delegation from the Palestinian Doctors Association in Europe – France branch – visited the European Parliament in Brussels. The purpose of the visit was to present testimonies from doctors returning from the Gaza Strip after participating in medical missions sent by the association to support the healthcare sector there.

The delegation members provided vivid testimonies illustrating the humanitarian and health challenges faced by the residents of the Gaza Strip due to the aggression against them. Additionally, the delegation distributed a press release on behalf of the Palestinian Doctors Association in Europe – France branch, urging the European Union to take a strong stance to halt the aggression and contribute to bringing in more doctors and medical aid to Gaza, preventing further innocent casualties in the region.




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Press Release

Unprecedented Humanitarian Crisis Unfolds at Nasser Medical Complex by Israeli Occupation Forces

In a shocking display of disregard for human life, the Israeli occupation has transformed the Nasser Medical Complex into a military barracks, rendering it non-operational and exacerbating an already dire humanitarian crisis. Medical staff, dedicated to saving lives, have been subjected to reprehensible treatment-bound for extended periods, physically assaulted, beaten, and stripped of their clothing within the confines of the maternity building.
Adding to the gravity of the situation, Israeli forces have arrested a staggering 70 healthcare professionals at the hospital, leaving a mere 25 staff members struggling to cope with cases requiring intensive clinical care. The arrest of the intensive care doctors further compounds the tragedy, leaving critical cases without proper medical oversight. Disturbingly, dozens of bedridden and helpless patients, already undergoing treatment, were forcibly removed from the complex, endangering their lives and well-being.
The appalling conditions are exacerbated by the intentional cutting off of electricity to Nasser Medical Complex for three days, resulting in the interruption of oxygen supply. Tragically, seven patients have already succumbed to the consequences, and there are fears for the lives of dozens currently in critical care. Moreover, the suspension of generators has left the complex without water, food, and hygiene, creating oppressive and unsafe conditions for the three women, one of whom is a doctor, who gave birth within its walls. As sewage water floods emergency departments, the Israeli occupation refusal to coordinate repairs further compounds the suffering. The international community is urged to condemn these reprehensible actions, as we hold the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the lives of medical teams and patients at Nasser Medical Complex.

20/12/2022 Press Release

Press Release


More Palestinians lose their lives every day as a result of the continuing Israeli occupation of their land, however, one of the victims today died in a particularly despicable circumstance.

Nasser Abu Humeid was suffering from cancer but was denied essential care and treatment because he was a prisoner in Israeli jails.

International law makes the occupiers responsible for the wellbeing of the occupied population, something which is neglected totally by the Israeli occupation, whose policies make life intolerable for the Palestinian people.

There are over five thousand Palestinians in Israeli prisons, many without trial, and they include women in children.

Over 600 Palestinian prisoners have long-term and serious conditions, including 24 patients with cancer; the medical care offered to these prisoners is totally inadequate, most of them suffer terribly from neglect, lack of treatment, and ultimately death.

PalMed UK joins international organizations in demanding that Palestinian prisoners are offered adequate and humane treatment.

To suffer the harsh conditions of a very long occupation is bad enough, to die because of malicious medical neglect is totally reprehensible. As medical professionals, we feel it is our duty to highlight the suffering of the Palestinian prisoners, and to demand that they are given proper and humanitarian care in accordance with international laws and conversations.

18/11/2022 Press Release

PalMed Europe

Press Release

We received with great sorrow the tragic news of the loss of twenty-three innocent lives from one family in Gaza.
A terrible fire raged last night after the fuel store the family ignited accidentally. The family needed to keep the fuel for heating and also to supply their essential power generator.

The people of Gaza have to survive on severely reduced and erratic power supply, due to the callous siege imposed by the Israeli occupation authorities, which is now in its sixteenth year, and have already claimed countless innocent lives through lack of medical care and crumbling infrastructure and public facilities.

As more innocent lives are lost daily, we have to join all humanitarian agencies in calling for the siege on Gaza to be lifted immediately.

We share the sadness of those who believed and pray that the suffering of the people of Gaza and Palestine is alleviated soon.

After all, they deserve to live in peace in their own land, like all other people in the world.

PalMed Europe
18 November 2022

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