The Children in Gaza have the Right to Live


Newcastle- Britain
Wednesday 21/11/2022

Under the sponsorship and cooperation of many British and European active organizations in Palestine, a conference took place under the title
“The survival challenges faced by the children of Gaza because of the ruthless siege”.

The Palestinian Doctors Association in Europe/ UK branch (Palmed) has participated in this important event. Where Dr. Bashir Oudah has given a speech about (The children in Gaza have the right to live).

Dr. Oudah explored the geographical, historical, and health situation in the sieged Gaza strip and its income providing a decent human life for the Gaza people, especially the kids. He presented many studies that explained the situation of Children, their Health, Education, and moral needs, under the effects of war and permanent ruthless siege.

In the same context, the activities and assistance provided by the Palmed that aimed to support the children, health, and medical sectors in Palestine in general, and Gaza in particular, were presented.
Recommendations have been raised by the Palmed that aid is needed to help the children and their families.

At the end of the event, donations were collected for the benefit of the medical projects in Gaza. The audience thanked Dr, Oudah and the Palmed for their efforts and accomplishments in this matter.


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