Return of PalMedEurope’s Fifth Specialised International Delegation from the Homeland



Monday, 29/04/2024


Rafah Crossing – Egyptian Side

After spending two weeks of volunteer service in hospitals in the north and south of the Gaza Strip, members of PalMedEurope’s fifth specialised international delegation left Palestine today, Monday, and arrived at the Egyptian side of the Rafah Crossing.

By the Grace and Guidance of God, consultant colleagues in the following specialties: (Intensive Care and Anaesthesia – Vascular Surgery – Burn and Cosmetic Surgery – Emergency Surgery – Intensive Care Nursing – Orthopaedic Surgery – Anaesthesia and Emergency) were able to perform dozens of specialised surgical operations and interventions for the wounded and patients from among our people in the Gaza Strip. The delegation also managed to deliver quantities of medical supplies, devices, and medications urgently needed for Gaza’s hospitals.

In this regard, we extend our thanks and appreciation to colleagues and members of the delegation and to all donors and supports of PalMedEurope’s activities who contribute towards the success of our delegations’ missions, and the delivery of medications, and medical equipment. Special thanks also go to PalMed’s office in Gaza and to our dedicated colleagues and medical staff working in the Strip’s hospitals.

We also extend our gratitude to Rahma Worldwide Foundation with whom our delegations that reached the Strip joined ranks. We affirm that PalMedEurope will continue to equip and send medical delegations, and to arrange and implement sustainable relief projects to support the health sector there until Gaza’s hospitals return to a better state than they were before Israel’s barbaric aggression against Gaza and its sustained targeting of its health sector, God Willing. We pray to the Almighty to dispel the injustice and aggression that Israel continues to perpetrate against our people as soon as possible.


Together, we can.

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