PalMed Academy

 A Step Towards Advancing Healthcare System in Palestine


Introduction to the Project:

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a conducive environment for the widespread adoption of online education. What was once considered secondary has become a crucial element, particularly in fields where certificates and experiences, especially in medical practices, are pivotal. As the pandemic persists, distance learning has emerged as the optimal and essential solution to ensure the continuity of the educational process while safeguarding the well-being of participants and students.
In light of these circumstances, the ideal timing has arrived for the introduction of a Continuous Medical Education Academy. This innovative project does not rely on a physical facility but rather deems the presence of participants, specialists, and an online platform sufficient for its launch and operation. It is considered a milestone and a cornerstone towards the larger vision of establishing physical academic facilities, training halls, and more, all essential components in the field of education and training.


General Objectives of the Academy:

1. Collaborate with universities, medical centers, and research institutions worldwide to organize specialized courses in researcher qualification and the fundamentals of scientific research.
2. Transform research outcomes into investment opportunities, prepare and support relevant studies, and harness medical expertise for investment in various projects.
3. Organize qualification courses for new graduate students in various medical fields, along with continuous medical education courses in Palestine.
4. Facilitate scientific meetings with renowned scholars and specialists from various medical fields.
5. Organize and support specialized medical conferences through planning and participation.
6. Conduct multiple courses using simulation devices (artificial human bodies) to train in various medical strategies.
7. Launch and support a specialized fund to back scientifically beneficial research with medical returns for society and humanity.



Elevate the healthcare system in Palestine by qualifying medical professionals, providing educational solutions, serving the community and humanity, supporting medical education, research, development, and creating projects that bolster investment opportunities in medical fields.

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