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More Palestinians lose their lives every day as a result of the continuing Israeli occupation of their land, however, one of the victims today died in a particularly despicable circumstance.

Nasser Abu Humeid was suffering from cancer but was denied essential care and treatment because he was a prisoner in Israeli jails.

International law makes the occupiers responsible for the wellbeing of the occupied population, something which is neglected totally by the Israeli occupation, whose policies make life intolerable for the Palestinian people.

There are over five thousand Palestinians in Israeli prisons, many without trial, and they include women in children.

Over 600 Palestinian prisoners have long-term and serious conditions, including 24 patients with cancer; the medical care offered to these prisoners is totally inadequate, most of them suffer terribly from neglect, lack of treatment, and ultimately death.

PalMed UK joins international organizations in demanding that Palestinian prisoners are offered adequate and humane treatment.

To suffer the harsh conditions of a very long occupation is bad enough, to die because of malicious medical neglect is totally reprehensible. As medical professionals, we feel it is our duty to highlight the suffering of the Palestinian prisoners, and to demand that they are given proper and humanitarian care in accordance with international laws and conversations.




Press Release

PalMed UK conduct a webinar about training for a medical career in the UK.

18th December 2023.

Choosing a medical career in the UK, what do you need to know?

The webinar was for the benefit of overseas doctors (particularly from Palestine) who would like to pursue their ambition of getting further training in the UK; and also for the benefit of their people, who suffer the double whammy of occupation and severely limited opportunities.

The webinar was led by Dr. Husam Adwan, post-fellowship upper gastrointestinal surgeon in Truro

Dr. Ahmad Al-Shsnti

Dr. Saleh Romman

Dr. Kate Mallelu


All of them were at various stages in training and specialisation, making them best placed to give the latest information about applying for work and training in the UK.

There was a very valuable contribution from Professor Mahmoud Lubani from the University of Hull, a Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, (who is also the President of PalMed Academy).



Professor Lubani highlighted the pathways available for work in Britain in various specialties.

The emphasis of the webinar was on giving practical help to those wishing to further their career, while indicating the priority of utilizing all the expertise gained towards providing better health for the people who need it most, including Palestine.


The webinar was concluded with a question and answer session; when Dr. Adwan and Professor Lubani answered the queries sent to them during the meeting.

The webinar was recorded for the benefit of those who could not follow it live, and can be watched on PalMed UK Facebook page


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الأحد- 11.12.2022

إيمانا ً بدوره في نشر التوعية الصحية بين أبناء الجالية الفلسطينية قدم تجمع الأطباء الفلسطينيين في تركيا ممثلا بطبيبة الأسنان د.إسلام أبو شمالة محاضرة توعوية بعنوان ” صحة الفم والاسنان ” .

تناولت المحاضرة شرحا ً توضيحياً حول الأسنان وبينت أهمية الوقاية للحفاظ على مستوى عالي من الصحة ، وشددت على ضرورة الاهتمام بصحة الفم والاسنان، ووضحت للحضور الوسائل والطرق الصحيحة لتنظيف الأسنان وسبل العناية اللازمة للحفاظ عليها سليمة من التسوس او الالتهابات التي سيؤدي الاهمال والتقصير وعدم العناية بعدها الى فقدان الاسنان أو الآلام المبرحة.

ولقد عقدت المحاضرة بالتعاون مع الجمعية التركية للتضامن مع فلسطين ” فيدار ” بالتعاون ومؤسسة اقرأ للتربية والعلوم . وفي ختام المحاضرة كرم المدير العام لجمعية فيدار أ. ابراهيم العلي والمدير العام لمؤسسة اقرأ د. صدام سحويل الدكتورة اسلام ابو شمالة معبرين عن شكرهما وامتنانهما لها وللدور الذي يقوم به تجمع الاطباء الفلسطينيين في تركيا تجاه ابناء الجالية الفلسطينية في تركيا.


Newcastle- Britain
Wednesday 21/11/2022

Under the sponsorship and cooperation of many British and European active organizations in Palestine, a conference took place under the title
“The survival challenges faced by the children of Gaza because of the ruthless siege”.

The Palestinian Doctors Association in Europe/ UK branch (Palmed) has participated in this important event. Where Dr. Bashir Oudah has given a speech about (The children in Gaza have the right to live).

Dr. Oudah explored the geographical, historical, and health situation in the sieged Gaza strip and its income providing a decent human life for the Gaza people, especially the kids. He presented many studies that explained the situation of Children, their Health, Education, and moral needs, under the effects of war and permanent ruthless siege.

In the same context, the activities and assistance provided by the Palmed that aimed to support the children, health, and medical sectors in Palestine in general, and Gaza in particular, were presented.
Recommendations have been raised by the Palmed that aid is needed to help the children and their families.

At the end of the event, donations were collected for the benefit of the medical projects in Gaza. The audience thanked Dr, Oudah and the Palmed for their efforts and accomplishments in this matter.


PalMed Europe

Press Release

We received with great sorrow the tragic news of the loss of twenty-three innocent lives from one family in Gaza.
A terrible fire raged last night after the fuel store the family ignited accidentally. The family needed to keep the fuel for heating and also to supply their essential power generator.

The people of Gaza have to survive on severely reduced and erratic power supply, due to the callous siege imposed by the Israeli occupation authorities, which is now in its sixteenth year, and have already claimed countless innocent lives through lack of medical care and crumbling infrastructure and public facilities.

As more innocent lives are lost daily, we have to join all humanitarian agencies in calling for the siege on Gaza to be lifted immediately.

We share the sadness of those who believed and pray that the suffering of the people of Gaza and Palestine is alleviated soon.

After all, they deserve to live in peace in their own land, like all other people in the world.

PalMed Europe
18 November 2022