1st June 2024

Over 2,500 medical students in Gaza have had their education abruptly interrupted due to the current Israeli incursion.

PalMed Europe and PalMed Academy have launched the GEM (Gaza Educates Medics) Scheme to support these medical students. 🎉 The scheme was launched by Professor Mahmoud Lubani, Chair of PalMed Academy, along with the two deans of the medical colleges in Gaza: Professor  Dr. Mohammed Zogbur from Al-Azhar University and Professor Anwar Shaik Khalil from The Islamic University.

Other distinguished speakers at the launch included Dr. Riyad Masharqa, Chair of PalMed Europe, Dr. Lubna Saghir, Consultant in Family Medicine, and Mr Moutie Abraham from Greater Translogic Advisory company in South Africa, who led the efforts to provide the GEM platform.

The GEM platform was simultaneously launched to allow students and tutors to access the platform and resume their studies.

So far, over 1,900 medical students have registered to join the scheme, with over 180 tutors.

Since the estimated monthly cost of the project is about 300,000 USD, multiple organizations, charities, and companies have joined PalMed Academy to support this project.

For more information about joining the scheme, please visit: PalMed Academy
For donations, please visit: Donate Now

You can watch the launch

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Project for the Rehabilitation and Operation of Ophthalmic Surgeries Theaters in the Gaza Strip
Rafah, 21/05/2024
Through the grace and guidance of God and the efforts of all those who contributed towards the success of this great project, we are pleased to announce the completion of the first phase of the relief campaign for eye patients in the Gaza Strip under the slogan “For Their Eyes!”
A specialised ophthalmology delegation concluded its visit to Gaza after 19 days of continuous work during which 209 specialised eye surgeries were performed. The surgeries included treatment of injuries and vision correction at the European Hospital in southern Gaza. Our colleagues participating in the campaign arrived safely in Jordan today,
Tuesday, 21/05.
This marks the completion of the first phase of the campaign to aid eye
patients in the Gaza Strip. The campaign was carried out in collaboration between the German-Arab Society of Ophthalmology (DAOG), the Palestinian Doctors Association in Europe (PalMed), and the Palestinian American Medical Association (PAMA).



The ophthalmic surgery operating theatre at the European Hospital in Gaza has been supplied with all necessary devices, equipment, and provisions for eye surgeries, especially for cataracts and retinal injuries.
The theatre has thus been reopened, making it ready to treat all eye injuries, including eye haemorrhages, retinal detachment, and the removal of shrapnel therefrom.

Donations are still welcome to facilitate the completion of the campaign’s next phases.


Together We can.


02/05/2024 Press Release

Administrator for PalMed Academy and Gaza Educate Medics Scheme.

The Position

This role involves the following:
1. To perform the function of Administrator for both PalMed Academy and Gaza Educate Medics (GEM Scheme) and maintain the website for PalMed Academy
2. Communicate with Faculty and students on the GEM Scheme.
3. Coordinate and assist in organising courses and webinars run by the Academy and GEM
4. Arrange meetings of the Academy Executive Committee and GEM committees
5. A job specification for an administrative role outlines the qualifications, skills, and attributes required for the position.
Person Specification:
1. Educational Background: minimum educational requirement is high school diploma or equivalent.
2. Experience: Previous experience in administrative roles, if any will be an advantage.
3. Skills:
-Proficiency in office software such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) or Google Suite.
-Strong organizational and time management skills.
– Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
– Attention to detail and accuracy in completing tasks.
– Ability to multitask and prioritize workload effectively.
– Discretion and ability to handle confidential information with sensitivity.
– Customer service orientation and interpersonal skills for interacting with colleagues and clients.
4. Additional Requirements:
– Knowledge of basic accounting principles for tasks like invoicing and expense tracking.
– Ability to adapt to changing priorities and work well under pressure.
– Willingness to learn and take on new responsibilities as needed.
5. Personal Attributes:
• Professionalism and integrity in all interactions.
• Proactive and self-motivated approach to work.
• Team player with a collaborative attitude.
• Adaptability and flexibility in a dynamic work environment.
Salary: Remuneration between £20,000 to 25,000 per year depending on qualifications andexperience
Workplace: the successful candidate is expected to work from home and have access to internet and computer
Application: Expression of interest with a copy of CV to be sent to by the 10th of May 2024.



Monday, 29/04/2024


Rafah Crossing – Egyptian Side

After spending two weeks of volunteer service in hospitals in the north and south of the Gaza Strip, members of PalMedEurope’s fifth specialised international delegation left Palestine today, Monday, and arrived at the Egyptian side of the Rafah Crossing.

By the Grace and Guidance of God, consultant colleagues in the following specialties: (Intensive Care and Anaesthesia – Vascular Surgery – Burn and Cosmetic Surgery – Emergency Surgery – Intensive Care Nursing – Orthopaedic Surgery – Anaesthesia and Emergency) were able to perform dozens of specialised surgical operations and interventions for the wounded and patients from among our people in the Gaza Strip. The delegation also managed to deliver quantities of medical supplies, devices, and medications urgently needed for Gaza’s hospitals.

In this regard, we extend our thanks and appreciation to colleagues and members of the delegation and to all donors and supports of PalMedEurope’s activities who contribute towards the success of our delegations’ missions, and the delivery of medications, and medical equipment. Special thanks also go to PalMed’s office in Gaza and to our dedicated colleagues and medical staff working in the Strip’s hospitals.

We also extend our gratitude to Rahma Worldwide Foundation with whom our delegations that reached the Strip joined ranks. We affirm that PalMedEurope will continue to equip and send medical delegations, and to arrange and implement sustainable relief projects to support the health sector there until Gaza’s hospitals return to a better state than they were before Israel’s barbaric aggression against Gaza and its sustained targeting of its health sector, God Willing. We pray to the Almighty to dispel the injustice and aggression that Israel continues to perpetrate against our people as soon as possible.


Together, we can.


Monday 15/04/2024
Rafah – Palestine

Continuing in its medical relief efforts for the helpless and innocent civilians being murdered and maimed by Israel for more than six consecutive months, the fifth delegation of the Palestinian Doctors Association in Europe (PalMed) has arrived in the Gaza Strip. The team comprises eight medical specialists who will toil towards alleviating the suffering of the civilians there by supporting the healthcare sector and its dwindling number of specialists due to being systematically targeted by Israel. The team is travelling as part of Rahma Worldwide Foundation’s eighth delegation and via coordination with the Palestinian Ministry of Health.
PalMed’s fifth specialised delegation consists of consultants in the following specialisations:
· Intensive care and anaesthesia
· Vascular surgery
· Thoracic surgery
· Emergency surgery
· Heart diseases
· Orthopaedic surgery
· Paediatric intensive care
PalMed has provided its delegation with the necessary medical supplies and equipment needed for doctors’ work in Gaza’s hospitals, as per requests made by local doctors and by officials from the Ministry of Health in Gaza’s hospitals from members of PalMed’s previous delegation that had performed medical procedures there.
PalMed’s fifth delegation’s members will be performing specialised surgical operations for patients and the wounded in Palestine in an effort towards alleviating their suffering, and also to support their peers in the Strip’s hospitals.
God Willing, PalMed will continue to send specialised delegations and needed medical supplies and medications to Gaza in fulfilment of its professional and humanitarian duty and in strengthening the resilience of the dedicated local medical teams there.
In this regard, we supplicate The Almighty to keep our delegation’s members safe, as well as all medical personnel and innocent civilians in our beloved Palestine. We also pray for the end of this unjust Israeli Zionist aggression as soon as possible by the Will and Power of God.

Together We Can


07/04/2024 Press Release

“PalMed Academy formally launches the GEM initiative in partnership with relevant entities in Palestine.”

Introducing the “GEM” initiative! This program is tailored to aid medical students in Gaza through Gaza Educate Medics, reflecting our dedication to fostering a constructive influence within the medical community.
PalMed academy  invite you to join us in spreading the word about this important initiative by liking, commenting, and sharing the project with your network.
Together, let’s shine a light on the invaluable work being done to support medical education in Gaza!

You can watch the first introductory session about the project, and read the project’s goals at the following link.

Please all our medical students in Gaza, register their data at the following link.

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The Ophthalmological Emergency Aid in Gaza aims to restore the collapsed ophthalmology sector in the region.


The situation is dire, as many patients, including children, are experiencing blindness due to injuries and subsequent infections. The eyesight of these patients could have been preserved.
A group of eye doctors from various countries initiated efforts to revive the collapsed ophthalmology sector in Gaza. We formed a task force to evaluate the current situation, identify needs, and establish goals for the immediate, intermediate, and long terms.

Health Situation in the Project Area:

Across the Gaza Strip, only one partially functioning ophthalmology unit performs basic trauma surgeries, such as enucleation. Surgical procedures on the posterior segment of the eye are currently impossible due to the destruction of necessary equipment.


1. Prevent blindness in patients with severe eye injuries.
2. Establish new, well-equipped facilities to accommodate and manage medical cases using appropriate procedures.

Approach and Outputs:

In the initial phase: the German-Arab Ophthalmological Society ”Deutsch-Arabische Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft (DAOG)”  and PalMed Germany will launch a campaign to supply portable equipment for an operating room capable of conducting essential retinal surgeries. A fundraising campaign will seek to raise €150,000. Once the target is met, Phaco and RETINA microscopes, along with necessary instruments, will be procured and transported to the designated location in the south of Gaza.

In the second  phase: will launch a campaign to supply portable equipment for an operating room capable of conducting essential retinal surgeries, along with necessary instruments, will be procured and transported to the designated location in the south  and center of Gaza.


In the Third  phase: will launch a campaign to supply portable equipment for an operating room capable of conducting essential retinal surgeries, along with necessary instruments, will be procured and transported to the designated location in the North of Gaza.


Please join us in preserving the eyesight of many by donating through the following link:


Together, We Can Make a Difference.


Rafah, April 1, 2024

Today, doctors who took part in the fourth specialised medical delegation of PalMed, jointly with their peers in the sixth delegation of Rahma Worldwide Foundation, left Palestine through the Rafah Crossing. The joint delegation had spent two weeks providing medical aid to our brethren in Gaza at the European Hospital there. The delegation had arrived in Gaza on March 18, 2024 and consisted of 24 medical professionals equipped with medicines and necessary medical equipment and materials for performing surgeries and for the provision of urgent medical services to our Palestinian people there.

The delegation was headed by Dr Riyadh Masharqah, President of PalMed, Europe. The doctors and medical professionals specialised in:

– Paediatric surgery

– Intensive care and anaesthesia

– Vascular surgery

– Emergency surgery

– Critical care nursing

– Orthopaedic surgery

– Anaesthesia and Emergency

By the grace and guidance of God, and through their continuous efforts over the span of two weeks, the team members were able to perform dozens of surgical operations and specialised surgical interventions in all their specialties.



The Association of Palestinian Doctors in Europe – PalMed – will continue sending specialised medical delegations to the Gaza Strip to perform their professional and humanitarian duty in supporting the resilience of the dedicated medical teams there, despite the severe shortage of medicines and medical equipment, in light of the increasing numbers of casualties and injuries.

In this regard, we thank The Almighty for the safe return of our delegation members. We also extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all donors, contributors, volunteers, and supporters, both from institutions as well as individuals, who supported the efforts of PalMed towards sending doctors and purchasing medicines and medical supplies to serve our people in Palestine.

May God reward you all with abundant goodness.

For Donation :-

Gaza Emergency Medical Appeal


Arrival in Gaza of the Fourth Specialised Delegation of the Palestinian Doctors Association in Europe (PalMed) and the Sixth Delegation of Rahma Worldwide Foundation

Highlighting the unwavering commitment of our medical professionals dedicated to serving Palestine, a joint delegation of PalMed and Rahma  Worldwide Foundation has safely arrived in Gaza. The delegation’s medical professionals aim to persist in their endeavours to bolster the healthcare infrastructure in the Gaza Strip and stand in solidarity with the Palestinian medical community and the innocent civilians there.
On Monday, March 18, 2024, a delegation comprising 22 esteemed colleagues, specialising in the fields below, arrived in Gaza for this purpose, equipped with requisite medical provisions and equipment essential for Gaza’s hospitals, including supplies for surgeries and medical services for our Palestinian brethren:
Intensive Care and Anaesthesia
Vascular Surgery
Burns and Cosmetic Surgery
Paediatric Surgery
Emergency Surgery
Intensive Care Nursing
Orthopaedic Surgery
Anaesthesia and Emergency

Leading this delegation is Dr Riyadh Masharqah, a distinguished specialist in burns and cosmetic surgery and the President of PalMed – Europe. The delegation intends to engage in a two-week mission in the Gaza Strip, conducting a series of specialised surgeries and urgent medical interventions.
Moreover, with the grace of God, PalMed pledges to continue dispatching specialised medical delegations to the Gaza Strip, fulfilling their professional and humanitarian calling in fortifying the resilience of the dedicated local medical teams there, notwithstanding the acute shortages of medicines and medical equipment required to address the escalating numbers of casualties and injuries.
We extend our heartfelt wishes for the safety of the delegation and all medical teams in the Gaza Strip, as well as for the well-being of our Palestinian brethren therein.


PalMed Academy Launches GEM Initiative to Rebuild Medical Education in Gaza

In a groundbreaking move to address the disruption caused by the destruction of health and educational institutions in Gaza, PalMed Academy, an affiliate of PalMed Europe, has officially launched the Gaza Educate Medics (GEM) initiative.
PalMed Academy, the Palestinian doctors association in Europe, has been at the forefront of efforts to resume the education of 2500 medical students in Gaza. The initiative was unveiled during a preliminary public meeting on March 9, 2024, attended by distinguished academics, consultants, and medical professionals.
Chaired by Professor Mahmoud Loubani, the meeting featured a presentation by Dr. Lubna Saghir, Consultant in family medicine, introducing the concept of GEM. The initiative aims to establish a virtual medical college, leveraging the expertise of volunteering academics and consultants worldwide to educate Gaza’s medical students. This approach allows students to follow their own syllabus and graduate from their respective colleges, preserving the institutions’ accreditation.
Dr. Riyad Masharqa, Consultant plastic surgeon and Chair of PalMed Europe, outlined the ambitious goals of PalMed and the Academy in supporting this crucial project. The operational structure of GEM, as explained by Professor Loubani, includes various committees to facilitate the implementation of the initiative. Attendees were invited to enroll in committees aligning with their expertise.

The second half of the meeting saw lively discussions and comments from professionals across America, Europe, Palestine, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey, and the UK. Participants from the International Conference for Rebuilding Health Care in Gaza, including Professor Omar Lattuf and Professor Ruba Ali Fahmi, expressed unanimous support for the GEM initiative.
Delegates from Gaza’s medical colleges, as well as representatives from Aberdeen in Scotland, London, and Ireland, were in attendance. The GEM initiative received enthusiastic approval from all delegates, with Professor Lattuf and Professor Ruba Ali pledging their full support.
Forms for registering in GEM committees have been distributed to interested parties, and a brief outline of the initiative’s structure, along with a registration form, is available for those looking to contribute. The PalMed Academy encourages interested individuals to join before the first follow-up meeting in six weeks.
Dr. Bashier Oudeh, Secretary of PalMed Academy, stated, “We are confident there will be a great number of eminent volunteers coming forward as we extend our invitation to colleagues all over the world.”

For more information, please contact PalMed Academy through email at



GEM meeting


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