The specialized delegation of the Palestinian Doctors Association returns from Gaza.

Thanks to God and with His help, the delegation of the Palestinian Doctors Association in Europe, safely returned on 2/5. The delegation entered the Gaza Strip on 23/1, in collaboration with the RAHMA Worldwide Foundation.
The team consisted of 22 doctors, including 12 doctors from the Palestinian Doctors Association in Europe with expertise in the following medical specialties: Professor in War Medicine, Emergency Medicine Specialist, Cardiovascular Surgeon, three specialists in Resuscitation and Intensive Care, Orthopedic Surgeon, Thoracic Surgeon, Pediatric Surgeon, Gynecological Surgeon, and an Intensive Care Nurse. The association equipped the delegation with various medical supplies and equipment, enabling them to perform all the surgical operations needed by the patients.
Several doctors conducted field visits to the medical Clinic affiliated with the association, assessing their needs and discussing ways to improve their workflow under these difficult conditions.
In this context, we affirm that the Palmed Europe will continue to send medical delegations to support our fellow doctors and healthcare workers in the Gaza and to treat the injuries of our afflicted people.

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Palestinian Doctors Association, Successfully Delivers Urgent Medical Aid to Gaza.


In an effort to support the people in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Doctors Association, Sweden branch, has successfully sent and delivered critical medical supplies and first aid equipment to primary care clinics and health centers in displacement centers and camps.
The branch meticulously prepared ten packages, each containing over 30 essential medical items catering to patients with hypertension, diabetes, and burns.
In this commitment, the association vows to do everything possible to alleviate the challenges faced by our people in Gaza, standing together and providing crucial assistance during this difficult time.

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